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Let Windswept tame your soul, with exotically wild spots and stripes to fill the imagination of owning a wild cat with a purring gentleness of the domestic cat.  Windswept is a small cattery started in the spring of 2004!  We are also the founding breeder of the Mohave Bobs.  Our cats are Rare and Exotic Feline Registry (REFR) registered Mohave Bobs, Desert Lynx, Highland Lynx and Snowbobs, with several of our cats being snow gene, others just uniquely colored and a few traditional colored.  We hope to produce quality exotic bobtails that are unique of the snow gene (a smart dog in a cat suit). 

As of 2011 Windswept will be working primarily on the Mohave Bobs.  From time to time we will still have Desert Lynx and Highland Lynx. Windswept specializes in the snow colors, from seal, silver seal, mink and sepia in many different colores. Windswept works with the rare colors of chocolate, lilac, and will be adding in cinnamon and fawn for 2012. In patterns of Spotted, Clouded and Ticked.

Windswept is one of the very very few that keeps pedigrees or knows the pedigree beyond just the grandparents.

DNA testing has not confirmed Bobcat ancestry and this breed is considered wholly domestic by registry

Article on bobcat hybrid crosses


It has become very apparent that most people are not knowledgeable on the differences between a Bobcat and the Desert Lynx breed.  In my years of working with the Desert Lynx I can say there is no confirmed Bobcat to cat crosses.  While the internet boosts of the sizes of the Desert Lynx to be bigger than the average house cat, and in the past has stated that the Desert Lynx is a Bobcat hybrid, I can say I have not seen one.  While the breed is a large breed it does not get the sizes of Bobcats.  While I try to breed to resemble a more bobcat look I do not have Bobcats nor do my cats get those sizes.  It is my goal to have stocky broad bodied cats with larger thicker legs with broad head pieces and shaggy coats.  But most of all I want my kittens to have the wonderful dog like personalities.

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